The Best Way To Take Care Of Gold Jewelry

3rd April 2021

The Best Way To Take Care Of Gold Jewelry

The journey does not stop when you already own gold jewelry. In fact, the adventure continues! As the owner, you have a set of responsibilities that you need to fulfill if you want your gold to last. Otherwise, you may just end up wasting money and ending up with a bad piece of jewelry.  Make sure to take care of jewelry! 

Gold is a timeless and classic piece that remains in history. It is already embarked on a lot of fashion statements and businesses. To cut it short, gold will never go out of style. But it can surely wear off its supreme condition if not properly cared for. Here is the best way to take care of your gold jewelry from the do’s and don’ts up to cleaning! 

The do’s and dont’s of gold jewelry 

If you are familiar with Bruno Mars’ song, 24k Magic, it is actually associated with gold jewelry’s value. 24k means having pure gold or 100% content of gold. It holds the highest value and may be good for investment. But wait! There is more to it than just being the best. 

High-karat golds like 24k are vulnerable to scratches and damages. It can be easily bent out — the reason why it is not advisable for everyday wearing. If you own high-karat golds, use it less frequently. Flaunting it out might boost your confidence but often exposing it outside increases the tendency of risks. 

If you go to the shower without taking off your jewelry, then you are doing it wrong. A similar thing goes when swimming, gardening, and cleaning. You should remove your gold jewelry before participating in these activities. Why? Because harsh chemicals are found in soaps and detergents that cause gold to wear off. Moreover, repeated moves cause friction that easily damages the gold. 

Imagine wearing thick gold chains like those of rapper jewelry during the course of general cleaning or gardening with your mother. You are definitely burning thousands of dollars while doing that. 

Similar to taking off gold necklaces, gold rings, or any gold jewelry, remove them when you are swimming at the pool or beach. These environments contain high saturation of chlorine and salt that you would not want your precious gems to submerge on. Also, these places are at risk of losing jewelry. You do not want to look all over the ocean for a small piece of thing. 

Cleaning your gold jewelry 

If you wear gold jewelry every day, it is most likely to be exposed to oils, makeup, dust, dirt, and a lot more. To ensure that it keeps its shine and best condition as possible, practice a regular cleaning habit. Here is a simple and easy-to-clean guide: 

Allot 10 parts of warm water and 2 parts of dish soap to clean your gold jewelry. Soak the pieces for 3 hours and brush them gently with a soft brush. Then rinse with another batch of clean water and dry out with a cloth. You can also use a jewelry polishing cloth for added shine. 

By doing this simple cleaning process, you are already doing so much for your jewelry. But it is not enough! It is suggested that you schedule a yearly cleaning service with a professional jeweler for deep cleaning and maintenance check-ups for prongs and damage.

Taking care of your gold jewelry could benefit you and the future generations ahead — assuming that you would pass it off them! Gold is something valuable and appreciates in time. Do not let it lose its meaning by simply not taking care of it. 

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