Different Types Of Gold Chains: Which One’s For You?

1st April 2021

Different Types Of Gold Chains: Which One’s For You?

Before you think about splurging your money on gold chains, there are factors that you need to consider. Like its golden chain type, is it made solely for men only, or is it durable enough for day-to-day wearing? Many people think that buying gold chains is a no-brainer decision. In fact, it is not. 

A gold chain is just one out of the thousands of usage of gold. Gold chains come in various styles and lengths. Not to mention the pendant that goes along with it. In this article, we will cover the essential characteristics of each gold chain that you should take note of when buying one.

Let’s go back to the basics: What do you want? 

Let us cover the basics first, ask yourself, “What do you want?” 

Golden chains have a wide variety of designs and colors. Some are made to hold pendants while others are designed to wear solely. There are golden chains that are meant for men’s jewelry and there is also room for women too. You also have to keep in mind that some golden chains can be for daily use or specifically just for special occasions. 

We compiled the most common golden chain styles: 

Box chain 

One of the prominent chains in the market is the box chain. Coming from its literal term, the chain has box-like links. These types of chains are used as necklaces with pendants. It is also applicable to wristwatches. Box chains are easy to repair when broken compared to other chains. To do so, you will just need to replace the missing or damaged link with another new box-like link and you are good to go! 

Box chains are more profound in women. If you are looking for a gift, you might want to bet on these. Check out Dwoir’s take on chains similar to the box chain. Available in white and yellow gold, these chains would make your woman appreciated and happy! 

Cable chain 

Cable chains are another type of golden chain that not just triumph in men’s jewelry but also for the ladies. These are uniformed, identical, and interlocked chains bound together. It is simple, classic, but elegant. 

Dwoir released their own version called Olinville Mariner Chain. It comes in Yellow and White Golds. Have a look and see if this golden chain suits you! 

Rope chain 

The rope chain looks like a real supporting rope. The difference? It is covered and made of gold! It is more pleasing to the eyes when there is a pendant at the focal point. With rope chains, you can easily change pendants that will match your outfit! For a pendant lookbook, refer to Dwor’s array of pendants. 

Snake chain 

Snake chains appear to be like the body of an actual snake. It is composed of plates or bands that are closely knitted together to appear like a continuous tube-like structure. Snake chain goes well with pendants too. Although a snake chain may be delicate due to its form, they are actually flexible!

Curb chains 

Curb chains are another popular pick from the masses. Like cable chains, curb chains are also interlocking into one another but are more on the flat side. Curb chains are part of the classic club since it has been existing even before modernization flourished. It remains to be a definitive and timeless piece. 

Curb chains are durable. Another reason why they are classic — they last for quite a long time. It is also not complex to fix when broken as long as you have your trusted jeweler. 

With several releases of golden chains in the market, it is overwhelming to choose the best type. Gold chains are not just for a show or a fashion statement — it holds a value. It matches the same significance as money, and even better sometimes, during the present and at a future time. If you are looking to buy gold chains, Dwoir has elegant pieces in their collection. 

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