Different Types of Gold Jewelry

15th December 2020

Different Types of Gold Jewelry

Different types of gold jewelry

there are so many types of gold jewelry available, which can be very confusing and frustrating when you’re shopping. We’ve all been there – your favorite necklace turning your neck green. A simple & dainty, we are committed to handcrafting jewelry that is perfect for everyday wear. We wanted to explain the differences between the types of gold jewelry available, gold plated, gold vermeil, gold-filled, and solid gold.

Gold plated jewelry

Gold plated jewelry is a very light layer of gold – 0.05% actual gold or less – on top of a base metal (usually brass or copper). The thin layer of gold is plated onto the base metal to create gold plated jewelry.

Since the gold plating is very thin, the gold can rub off easily. It is also more prone to tarnishing when exposed to any kind of liquids or chemicals. Although gold itself does not corrode, copper and brass will, especially when exposed to liquids (in air, sweat, lotion, perfume, etc). Gold plated jewelry is much cheaper than the other types of gold jewelry. As it uses a tiny amount of gold. It is a good option for the jewelry you need for just an occasion or trying out new trends.

Gold vermeil

Gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is heavy gold plating (2.5 microns by us standards) over sterling silver. It does not tarnish and is hypoallergenic, so people with metal allergies can wear it safely. Since the gold plating in vermeil is much heavier than gold plated jewelry, the gold lasts much longer and will not rub off (although over time, some gold may wear off).


Gold-filled is a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base – jeweler’s brass. The layer of gold consists of 1/20th of the jewelry’s total weight. The gold is usually 14k gold, but sometimes may be 12k gold (sometimes stamped with 14/20 or 12/20, respectively).

gold-filled jewelry has almost 100x more gold than gold plated jewelry. Since the gold is mechanically bonded to the base rather than plated, it can’t rub off. It has the same qualities as solid gold jewelry at a fraction of the cost. Gold-filled jewelry is also great for people who are allergic to metals, as the material will not cause an allergic reaction.

Solid gold

Solid gold jewelry is only as suggested by the name. There are several distinct gold karats, which specify the sum of gold versus the alloy. Pure gold (24k) is too delicate to wear in jewelry and is malleable. So, to lend it strength and durability, gold must be alloyed with other metals. 14k solid gold means 14 gold parts (58.3%) and 10 alloy parts (41.7%). Though 18k solid gold means 18 gold pieces (75%) and 6 alloy parts (25%). The finer the karat, the less costly it is so less gold is used. Click here for more details.

Best for you

The best style of gold jewelry that’s appropriate for you depends on a lot of things-your income, how often you wear your jewelry, whether you’ll be capable of taking proper care of it, and more. We adore gold vermeil and gold-filled because they’re both cost-effective, yet high quality enough for daily wear. We are more than happy to make custom jewelry for you.