Fascinating Facts About Bracelets

11th April 2021

Fascinating Facts About Bracelets

Gold bracelets is a jewelry piece that usually comes in a form of a band or chain. It holds different meanings for most people. It can serve as a cultural symbol for some or just a decorative ornament for others. 

Today, bracelets are universally used by men and women. Like a necklace, it has been a fashion statement to serve the looks of other people. In this article, let us learn more about the fascinating facts about bracelets! 

Interesting facts about gold bracelets that you should know! 

  • Bracelets are initially worn for protection rather than accessories before. 

During ancient times, bracelets were used as a form of protection rather than an accessory. Ancient Greek soldiers wore bronze bracelets to protect their hands while Roman armies wore iron bracelets and arm guards. Moreover, most people in Europe wore iron bracelets as a symbol of their manhood. Bracelets were also seen as a spiritual symbol. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs wore bracelets and necklaces as protective gear against evil spirits.

Today, if you were to see a Gucci bracelet, it is not about protection or spirituality anymore but as a fashion statement. Bracelets are part of the fashion ornaments that people wear almost every day. 

  • Bracelets were a form of status symbol. 

Bracelets were also a form of showing social status. The Pharaohs and Emperors of the ancient kingdoms wore vast amounts of gold on their wrists. Jumping to today’s time, bracelets are used for quite the same reasons too. People wearing gold bracelets meant that they can afford the financial value of this jewelry — and not a lot of people can invest in highly expensive amounts easily.

A simple design of men’s gold bracelets in the form of a rope bracelet or a link bracelet can start from a minimum price of $500 and can go as high as $3000. Of course, it still depends on the amount of gold the bracelet has and whichever brand it came from. 

  • The most expensive bracelet is called Panther. 

The most expensive bracelet was featured in Guinness Record. It was a bracelet called Panther which composes of diamonds, emeralds, and an onyx. Its previous owner was the Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson who died in the 1980s. The bracelet then was sold for 4.5 million Pounds Sterling or approximately $6 million US dollars.

  • Bracelets were first worn by men. 

Bracelet was translated from French as “wrist.” Back then, bracelets were initially used by men as an accessory. They believed that bracelets have magical properties to help warriors. 

These beliefs do not seem to exist in the present time. Although that they are still recognized as a part of culture and tradition. But people are more kin to consider bracelets as decoration and investment options. 

  • The oldest bracelet is 40,000 years old. 

The world’s oldest bracelet was discovered back in 2016 in Denisova Cave in Altai. According to the studies made by archeologists, the bracelet is 40,000 years old.

Gold bracelets have a special place in the world of jewelry. Bracelets are a light touch that enhances the beauty and elegance of the hand. The bracelet emphasizes the tenderness and tint of the skin by gently braiding the wrist or forearm. These adaptable decorations will be appropriate for a long time.

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