Through The Years: A Brief History Of Gold Jewelry 

5th April 2021

Through The Years: A Brief History Of Gold Jewelry 

The history of gold has provided sufficient possibilities and opportunities for many. Gold is one of the world’s most prominent symbols of luxury in the fashion industry. It has been worn, formed, and innovated throughout the years. Some progress has been made like incorporating gold into pieces of jewelry, royal jewels, and even edible food choices in the food industry. The history of Gold has come a long way. 

Gold is easier to manipulate than other metals since it is soft and malleable. It is also long-lasting in terms of color because of its oxidation resistance. Hence, gold is quick to process but worth the investment due to its longevity. 

Today, the production of gold continues to rise in jewelry shops, both online and in stores. In this article, let us run down back through the history of gold and how it captivated the hearts of many. 

The history of gold jewelry 

Gold has been the chemical element that seemed to last forever. Tracing back through time, gold jewelry already existed during the 4400 B.C. in Eastern Europe and 3000 BC in Iraq. In fact, it is believed to be crafted and worn at an earlier time. Individuals who lived during the Mesopotamia period and Egyptians were the first few people who got to enjoy the decorative purposes of gold. It is visually appealing for its shine and capacity to be non-tarnish. 

What does Karat mean? Is it different from Carat? 

You may have been confused about Karat and Carat. Well, let us make these two terms clear. They are used in different contexts but in the same industry of jewels and gems. Carat is used as a measurement for gemstones to identify information like weight and size. A one Carat diamond ring equates to 200 milligrams in weight. 

While Karat refers to the fineness of gold or how much gold does a certain piece of jewelry contains. Pure gold has a 24K of gold parts since each Karat represents 1/24 of the whole. But it is unusual to find 24K gold in most jewelry shops since this meant higher sensitivity. Pure gold will most likely be malleable and very soft. 

Fun facts about gold jewelry 

  • It was first used as jewelry before currency. 

Did you know that gold was first used as jewelry before it was considered a source of currency? Gold’s original purpose was sole to just be used as decorative ornaments for the body. 

  • About 165,000 tonnes of gold have been mined! 

Presently, there are about 165,000 tonnes of gold that have been mined. If it were to be melted, it can create a solid chunk of gold amounting to 20 meters cubed. 

  • Gold’s value is in accordance with inflation.

Since gold is also a form of investment, people flock to buy jewelry pieces with high gold content. But be mindful that its value fluctuates with inflation. Still, it is priced highly at $8 to $10 trillion dollars with most consumers coming from India and China. 

It never ceases to astound me how much history can be packed into a single ring. From the origins of metals and gems billions of years ago to the incredible history of the time period from which the piece came. Indeed, the history of gold unfolded thousands of opportunities. It’s humbling that it was able to survive kings and wars and eventually make its way to our business.

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