Gold chains were created tens of thousands of years ago when people first began to experiment by designing wearable pieces of jewelry out of precious metals like gold, silver, and even platinum. Many historians cite ancient egyptian societies when discussing the history of gold jewelry because these cultures viewed gems and metals as connections to and ways of honoring spirits.


Though jewelry has come to represent status in modern society, many of these humble origins still exist. The jesus piece is a prime example of how hip hop stars continue to sport jewelry as a way to celebrate their faith.



Gold chains can be found in history throughout millennia, up to 75 thousand years ago. Earliest records indicate ancient egyptians wore them to scare away evil spirits and for good luck. The egyptians also fought wars over this gold -- a paradox when you consider it was for luck. Gold was worn to represent everything from strength, wealth, and eternal love.


It was so highly sought after because, no matter what land or ethnic group you belonged to, people valued gold across most cultures and it was rare. These qualities drove up the demand for gold, and whosoever had the most gold would be the dominant group. Today, it is also worn as a display of status and to represent success, especially in hip-hop culture.


80’s ERA

The classic gold chain was popularized by one of the hottest 80s rap stars, run dmc. They started a long succession of hip hop stars rocking the gleaming chain, from dr. Dre and kanye west to jay-z and ludacris. No matter which artist you love, it'd be hard to find one rap star that never rocked a gold chain. It was and continues to be, part of the iconic "i've made it" hip-hop dress code of today. Along with hip-hop culture, gold crossed cultural and artistic boundaries, where it was shown in popular hollywood movies, sang about in pop songs, and displayed prominently in sculptures and paintings.



The 1990s really sealed the chain as not only an iconic jewelry item but a staple in hip hop fashion. Whether worn plain or adorned with diamond-studded skulls, brands, or crosses, the chain had taken its place like a jewelry item essential. A trend that carried through the late 90s and into the 2000s. This period also saw the rebirth of key chains and chain wallets. First popularized by the punk subculture, chain wallets saw a resurgence in the 90s and 2000s through the grunge scene and skate-punk fashion.



today's trends see the gold chain being worn with religious pieces such as crosses and jesus figurines. Popular designs include jesus on the cross as a pendant, made out of gold, and decked out in diamonds. The notorious b.i.g was the first rapper to wear the jesus piece. To many in the hip-hop culture, it's a way of showing dedication to their faith while also signaling how far they’ve come in the game. We are offering customized gold chains and pendants.